General Information

What happens after I purchase my permit online?

Once you checkout and pay for your permit, you will be emailed a receipt.  You can print this receipt and display it on the dash of your vehicle so that it is easily visible from outside the vehicle through the windshield.  This will act as a temporary tag for up to 14 days after the date of purchase. We will mail your permanent permit to the address you provided at checkout.  Once received, the permanent permit must be visible on the windshield above the inspection sticker to avoid your vehicle being towed.

Someone parked in my spot, what do I do?

Parking spaces are not assigned.  They are first come first served each day.  If there is no available space check that all vehicles have valid parking tags.  Should there be a vehicle without a tag, call Gene Robin Towing to have the vehicle removed (337) 232-7206.

Will my vehicle be towed?

A towing company constantly monitors the parking lot for unauthorized vehicles and tows any without the proper permits. As long as the permit is valid and clearly visible on the windshield, you should have nothing to worry about.

Can I let a friend borrow my tag?

No.  Each parking tag is specific to the vehicle that was submitted in the lease agreement. Make certain that the tag is only used for that vehicle. Otherwise, the terms of the lease are violated and parking privileges are jeopardized.

My vehicle was towed, who do I call?

If your vehicle was towed, please call the Gene Robin Towing (337) 232-7206.

What to do if your car is in the shop and you are driving another vehicle?

Since the parking permits are removable stickers, you can put the permit on the windshield of the car you are driving. However, YOU MUST call or email us to let us know you are driving a new vehicle.

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